Fleur masthead.jpeg

Fleur Boomsma

Co-founder and Editor.
A (Dutch)ess, straight from Holland. A scorpio with a lust for life. Fleur has a passion for travelling, writing, fashion, beauty and real estate. Family, friends and culture are the biggest values that are important to her.

Shayelle Masthead.jpeg

Shayelle Smith

Co-founder and editor.
A hip-hop connoisseur and a West-Indian warrior. She is a Gemini who sees both sides like Chanel. Sashaying to the beat of her own drum. Shayelle enjoys art in all forms, loves to travel, lives a plant-based lifestyle and is a certified fashionista.

Jela Masthead.jpeg

Jela Tejada

Co-founder and editor.
A woman of her word. A Pinay powerhouse. Our ambitious Aquarius. Determined, family-oriented, and compassionate are just a few words anyone would use to describe her. Jela loves trying new foods, visiting new places and meeting new people.

Osobe masthead.jpeg

Osobe Waberi

Co-founder and editor.
A French speaking fee of East-African descent. A mother to a melanated cat. The fieriest of Aries with a burning passion for poetry. Osobe is a tea enthusiast and yoga fanatic who indulges in quality jazz music.

Danielle Masthead.JPG

Danielle Clarke

Co-founder and editor.
A feminist and a Jamaican bad goal. An avid listener of R&B and hip hop. Travel is her lover and photography is her mistress. Danielle is an official member of the #RihannaNavy. Her writing style is a blend of witty cultural commentary and social awareness with a focus on intersectionality.